List of our songs(excerpt)

Artists Title Composer Remarks
Anraku Kenichi K-LUB Anraku Kenichi Theme song of InterFM Program
Imaizumi Hiromi Sweet Rain Utano Racco English lyrics song
Kawai Tatsto HINT Kawai Tatsto Theme song of TBS Radio Program
Shinshi-Shojo-PiJu Pi-Pi-Pi〜Lullaby of PiJu〜 Utano Racco Songs of Utano Racco Channel

We have many songs such as theme song for Radio Program, Love songs, English lyrics song, Childrens’ songs, Idols, etc…!

How to find other songs:
1)Access JASRAC Contents Database J-WID, and click “了承”.
2)Enter “ガクゴールドジャパン” in “権利者名”.
3)Check “出版者”.
4)Click “検索”
5)List is displayed.